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Embrace Contradiction: Talbot County, Maryland

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Runaway to the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore -Talbot County. Experience rural refinement surrounded by Bay waters and lush countryside. Coastal Tripping  takes you there!

Curious about what Coastin’ with Donna Bozza is all about? Stroll, scroll on down for your official beach welcome.



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The wine is chilled.

The gulls are calling.

Pull up a porch rocker.

It’s time for a COASTAL CURE 

for whatever ails you.

From the first time I heard the sing song of the tides, breathed a salty breeze, felt the lover-like embrace of ocean waters –I was hooked. Don’t we all feel that primal pull to the sea?

Like waves to the shore, as a long time writer I’m returning to the craft that sustains me. Here on COASTIN’ I hope you will join me as I celebrate all things coastal.

Whether its penning inspirations drawn from sandy strolls, or sharing some laughs with this shell-shocked, 50-something gal who’s been around the beach a few times on DUNE DIARY.

You’re in charge of the corkscrew on our shore getaways with COASTAL TRIPPING. 

COASTAL COUPLES RECIPES are like flip-flops days at the beach -fun! And of course -yum!

Its time for some Beach Therapy –lets go COASTIN’ …




“God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:10